James Kelly MSP and Councillor Bert Thomson have written to South Lanarkshire Council calling on it to offer greater support to Blantyre's Logan Street.

The street has been an area of concern for a number of years, however both Labour representatives have reported receiving an increase in constituents getting in touch to highlight the impact of the situation on local residents.

The letter, sent to the council Chief Executive, Cleland Sneddon, on 10th March, outlines various issues including reoccurring incidents of anti-social behaviour, and discarded drug paraphernalia causing significant concerns for parents and families. It also highlighted claims that the housing provided by the council is not up to standard.

Councillor Bert Thomson said: "It is really important that the council take on board the concerns raised by our constituents living in and around Logan Street.

I have long been aware of the issues that exist on the street, and over the years have worked alongside residents to seek improvements for their community.

"In my view, there must be fair investment in the area to both enable the various issues around the environment, drug use and violence to be addressed, and to empower local people to take greater ownership over there area.

"I hope that the council will pay close attention to our letter, and give proper consideration to finally taking action on Loan Street."

James Kelly MSP said "I have become increasingly concerned about the lack of improvement to the Logan Street area.

"For some time I have been aware of the issues that exist, and I know that my council colleagues have worked alongside the local residents association to offer their support to the community.

"However, local people have worked hard to both highlight these issues, and to address them. It is not the sole responsibility of the community to do this. The council must seek to provide additional support, and work with the local community to ensure that that support is targeted at resolving some of the key issues that have been impacting on the standard of living on Logan Street.

"I hope that the council can recognise the efforts of residents, and the vital need for improvement in this area of Blantyre.



James Kelly 

for Rutherglen

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