“It is absolutely ridiculous that Newton Farm Primary School only opened its doors to pupils just over three years ago, and already the council is seeking to make extensive renovations to it in order that it can accommodate the necessary amount of local families.

“For years the council have allowed an expansion of housing throughout Cambuslang, and alongside that the population of our community has grown quite considerably. This is not the first issue that has arisen in terms of appropriate services and facilities not been brought about fast enough to keep up with the demand of the continuously increasing local population.

“Clearly lessons were never learned from the debacle of extending Hallside primary, and once again the council is having to play a panicked catch up rather than preparing our schools in advance. The lack of foresight from the council, despite the clear signs that this problem would arise, has meant money has been wasted.

“I have made fighting for local communities to have appropriate local facilities a key point of my election campaign, and if elected I will stand side by side with our communities to fight for long term plans for facilities and services for local areas to be a priority.”