James Kelly has officially launched his campaign to stand for the Rutherglen constituency in May's Scottish Parliament elections as a Scottish Labour and Co-operative MSP.

He is hoping to replace current SNP MSP, Clare Haughey, who took the seat from Labour back in 2016.

The Scottish Labour and Co-op candidate who was elected as a Scottish Labour List MSP for the Glasgow Region 5 years ago, launched his campaign on Tuesday following the submission of his nomination papers to South Lanarkshire Council.

Kelly has made 5 key pledges to the people of Rutherglen including a new high school for Cambuslang East, alongside Scottish Labour's commitment to a national recovey plan.

James Kelly said: "The election on Thursday 6th May is more important than ever before.

We have been through the toughest year of most of our lifetimes, and now we need a parliament that is going to put all it's focus on recovery.

We cannot go back to the old arguments. The SNP want another divisive referendum, only Scottish Labour will focus on rebuilding our country. Only Scottish Labour can beat the SNP in Rutherglen.

Throughout my time in Holyrood I have witnessed first hand how our communities have been hardest hit by the failings of the SNP government

We need an MSP that understands, and will stand up on the issues that matter to local people in areas right across Rutherglen.

I have dealt with over 6,000 personal cases over the past five years, meaning I understand the problems people are facing locally, and I'm ready to fight for the solutions that they need.

I am proud to be from Rutherglen, and have been privileged to represent its people as an MSP. I hope that its people will once again support me to continue standing up for communities across this constituency.



James Kelly 

for Rutherglen

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