Labour MSP James Kelly, who is the party's candidate in the upcoming Holyrood elections is calling for a new school to be built in Cambuslang East

Mr Kelly has announced that a new High School for Drumsagard and Newton is of one of his five key pledges if elected as MSP for the area in May

As it stands, many pupils in the Newton Farm area are being redirected to Uddingston Grammar, rather than one of the three Rutherglen High Schools.

James Kelly MSP said : "It has been clear for some time that there must be a new High School built for families across Cambuslang East. The SNP promised in 2016 that they would deliver one if elected in that Holyrood election, five long years later there is no sign of one"

"Over the past 20 years the area has grown dramatically with the addition of the Drumsagard estates, and then the Newton Farm area which is still continuing to expand. However, in that time Cathkin, Trinity and Stonelaw have remained the only local high schools.

"There has clearly been recognition of the need to create additional educational places for younger children and we have seen additional nurseries, as well as primary schools open up to provide for these areas. Now there must be a recognition that these children will grow up and require a secondary school place.

"Re-drawing the catchment areas a few years ago should have been used to plan for a more appropriate long term solution. We have already seen children in Cambuslang having to be sent to Uddingston Grammar, which is often not an appropriate placement for families - particularly given transport difficulties.

"I am making a commitment to the people of these communities that if they send me back to Holyrood in May I will make the case loud and clear, for as long as it takes, for a new secondary school to be built in Cambuslang East."


James Kelly 

for Rutherglen

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