Updated: Mar 3

New information obtained via an Information Request by Labour's James Kelly MSP has revealed that Rutherglen's Town Hall has run a loss of over £387,000 so far this financial year. The figures show that the Town Hall had initially been anticipated to bring in around £383,000 this year, prior to the pandemic hitting. Despite the venue having been closed since 18th March 2020 and having postponed big earners such as the winter pantomime and other music and theatre performances - the Town Hall has cost the council over £390,000 in basic running costs to date this year. The Reformer previously reported back in August that South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture would be facing a 'huge cash shortfall,' even if limited performances had been able to take place at the end of 2020. In total, the town hall has brought in around £3,657.09 over this financial year, barely 1% of the expected income. James Kelly MSP said "Rutherglen Town Hall is a much-loved local asset. Information obtained by the Rutherglen Reformer earlier in the year also highlighted how important the venue is for arts and culture in South Lanarkshire, showing it to be the second highest earning venue behind only Hamilton Town House. "These new figures reinforce how important the revenue generated by the shows and events held at the Town Hall each year is to ensure its upkeep and allow our Town Hall to remain a cornerstone of our community. This huge loss in income is only going to increase between now and the end of the financial year as basic running costs continued to be paid out, but the doors remain closed, with no money coming in. "Covid-19 restrictions have caused that revenue to be harshly impacted this year, however our town hall must not be forced to pay the price. Any threat to the future of the Rutherglen Town Hall will be fiercely resisted by the local community "I am concerned about how the council will address this shortfall in income, at the same time it is threatening cuts to crucial services. Support from the Scottish Government must be forthcoming. But there must be no mistaking that it is the starvation of local authority budgets under the SNP government at Holyrood that has left our councils underprepared and under resourced to cope year on year, never mind deal with a recovery from the pandemic."


James Kelly 

for Rutherglen

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