Updated: Mar 3

James Kelly MSP has written to Police Scotland to demand restructuring proposals are revisited after it was revealed that Glasgow staff could miss out financially.

Staff working within the Criminal Justice Service Division (CJSD) at Police Scotland are facing a pay cut of up to £2000 for some workers as part of restructuring proposals.

The jobs of workers in the Glasgow based division have been considered as ‘Grade 3’ in the internal payment structure since 2019 - a decision backed by both Police Scotland employees and UNISON.

New proposals were recently revealed to staff which highlighted a plan to downgrade their roles to 'Grade 2', resulting in cuts to their wages.

James Kelly MSP said: "Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, I know departments across Police Scotland have continued to work hard under extremely challenging conditions.

"These staff are not public facing officers but they are still key workers and should be treated as such. They have asked for no reward but instead their efforts are being penalised which is hugely disappointing.

"I know that, within Police Scotland, staff are shown gratitude verbally and that there is a culture of making staff feel valued. With that in mind, it is especially shocking that these cuts have been suggested as it undermines that approach entirely.

"I have made my feelings clear to the Chief Constable and have asked that these proposals are revisited. It is crucial that wage reductions are avoided wherever possible at a time of such financial hardship for many."


James Kelly 

for Rutherglen

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