Updated: Mar 3

Glasgow Labour MSP James Kelly has hit out in a letter to the Finance Secretary over reductions in the Housing Budget.

The New Homes budget which aimed to increase the levels of available local housing stock in Scotland, was cut by £268 million in the Scottish Government's 2021/22.

It comes months after James Kelly MSP and Councillor Margaret Walker wrote to the Scottish Government calling on more to be done to address local housing issues. There are currently around 17,454 applicants on the Home Finder housing register in South Lanarkshire.

James Kelly MSP said: "After Councillor Walker and I wrote to the Finance Secretary, she responded noting 'Affordable housing remains a key priority for the Scottish Government,' however, this government's decision to cut the affordable housing budget by £268m completely undermines that commitment.

"Housing is one of the key issues that people contact me about. Too many people in Rutherglen and Cambuslang have spent years on waiting lists, and still have no further clarity on how long they may need to wait for a house. We know there are almost 17,500 housing applications as it stands, and that number is only going to continue to increase unless serious consideration is given to how we tackle this issue long term.

"There must be proper action taken to ensure that communities like ours in South Lanarkshire are able to improve not only the levels of housing stock, but also the quality and suitability for the people that need it most. Cuts to the Housing budget also threaten jobs in the construction sector as clearly there will be cut in the number of houses being built.

"This is yet another decision by the Scottish Government that is tone deaf to the reality of people's lives."


James Kelly 

for Rutherglen

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